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Quality, Sustainable development

Quality Security Environment Policy

Our wish is always to meet with our customer's expectations and needs while at the same time aware of the risks due to our activities on health, and on the security of our staff and of the environment.
SAGA as a professional in transportation has made the commitment to be an active and responsible actor in the respect of environment and of health.

Indeed, in today's competitive market, information and services play a key role and the standards ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 could be an excellent answer to improving the reliability of offered services to our present and future customers while simultaneously ensuring an active partnership in the sustained development.

For many years, our quality process has trained, informed and involved SAGA staff at all levels.

However, we need to go one step further by targeting an integrated certification (quality, Security and Environment) which will confirm our commitment.
To do so, we have set ourselves an improving target as per the below criteria:

  • Developing of our activities while reducing the impact on our environment and by modernizing our facilities and maintaining them in good order.
  • Increase profitability by heading off the risks of pollution and accidents in the workplace.
  • Providing reliable services to our customers, thanks to an informed, well-trained workforce sharing the same goals.
  • Satisfying our business partners through a clear and coherent organization.

Our success must pass by an internal willingness to constantly improve which in turn favours teamwork and personal self fulfilment.


Always eager to better respond to our customer's expectations and needs, SAGA has developed a system of quality management.

In a competitive market, where both information and service-levels are increasingly important, our quality program could be excellent means to:

  • increase the reliability of the proposed services to our present and future customers
  • succeed in modernizing the types of services we offer
  • strengthen our brand image

Through these quality objectives, SAGA seeks to be attentive to its customers needs in order to guarantee their satisfaction over time.


SAGA considers it is essential to ensure the health and the security of its employees and has adopted procedures and programs of actions to reduce the risks inherent to its activities. Security starts with the qualification of risks, and then seeks to develop concrete with strategies that will protect SAGA employees.

The success of this plan will depend on:

  • Total security consciousness of all employees and of all our business partners.
  • An internal organization that guarantees compliance with all security regulations by having well-defined structures, properly functioning equipments and well-trained and informed personnel.


Conscious of the environmental impacts of its activities, Saga has adopted an environmental management system which has allowed it to satisfy numerous objectives. These include reducing energy waste expenditures and recycling waste.

Today, SAGA is situated in the first airfreight terminal in CDG to have been certified ISA 14001 and was an active participant in the certification process.